Economy with Rye – Available in 10KG or 20KG Sacks


Best Value Lawn Seed In Bulk Bags

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Johnsons Economy Lawn Seed with Rye


Available in 10KG or 20KG sacks.


Economy With Rye

Available in 10kg and 20kg bags.


Needing to green over areas quickly and economically? Then look no further than our Economy grass seed. Our best value, budget grass seed mixture is suitable for projects where value for money is important. The mixture is quick to germinate and the perfect choice for when there is just a simple need to cover your ground with grass seed.  Johnsons Economy Grass Seed Mix includes rye grass for a tough hard-wearing lawn for dealing with larger areas. Can be stored for a couple of years if kept in a cool dry place. Apply 50g per square metre or 1.5 ounces per square yard. Ideally suited to play areas and paths or for semi and relatively dense shaded areas under trees and next to high walls and hedges.



All bulk lawn seed is packed in polypropylene laminate bags. These bags have been specially designed and manufactured to improve durability and protect against damage in transit.



  • Uses Perennial Ryegrass and Strong Creeping Red Fescue
  • Perfect for Large Landscaping Projects
  • 10Kg Economy Lawn Seed with Rye
  • 20KG Economy Law Seed with Rye


Landscaping will sometimes require a basic grass seed mixture for non prestigious areas. This economical blend is designed to be used over larger sites where the establishment of a grass cover is required but not necessarily at manicured lawn quality. The combination of ryegrass and strong fescue will form a dense, durable turf and will quickly fill out (tiller) once mowing or topping commences.
Sow at the full rate if immediate grass density is required more quickly or at a lower rate if economy is the leading factor. Once established the grass should be regularly cut between 25- 50mm to achieve a tidy appearance or it can be left longer and occasionally topped like pasture land.

Germination times:
Young grass will appear within 7-14 days under good growing conditions but will take longer if the ground is cold. For best results, sow between March and October.

Sowing a new lawn step by step guide:
1. Remove weeds, stones and rubbish before sowing. Dig to a depth of 15-22cm (6-9in). Level and firm seed bed by raking then treading or light rolling.
2. If possible, leave seed bed for a few weeks and then destroy any weeds.
3. Moisten the ground, mix the seed and then scatter evenly. Sow the seed at a rate of 35g per sq. metre (1 ¼ ozs per sq yard) half from left to right, then half from top to bottom for each section. Rake lightly and firm in seed by treading or light rolling.
4. In case of dry weather use a fine spray to keep seed bed constantly moist.

Overseeding an existing lawn step by step guide:
1. Mow the lawn short then using a spring tine rake or scarifier remove the layers of dead grass or thatch. If possible, spike lawn with a hollow tine fork and brush in some topsoil to relieve any compacted areas.
2. Moisten the ground, mix the seed and then sow the seed at a rate of 25g per sq. metre (¾ ozs per sq yard), scattering evenly. Alternatively, the seed can be mixed with some topsoil and sown by hand to aid distribution and moisture retention.
3. Firm in the seed by treading or light rolling. In case of dry weather use a fine spray to keep seed bed constantly moist.
4. Ideally do not mow existing grass until new grass is growing. If a mow is necessary, raise the cutting height.


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Economy with Rye

10KG, 20KG


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