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Quick Patching | Very Quick To Grow | Outstanding Green Finish

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Johnsons Quick Fix Lawn Seed

Quick fix is ideal for patching or sowing new lawns particularly for high wear areas. A blend of Growmore, NPK 7-7-7 fertiliser and fine leaved dwarf Perennial Ryegrass, suitable for all lawns with high traffic.

Available in 500g/14sqm carton, 1.5kg/42sqm carton and a 5kg/142sqm big box.


Seed Data:-

Restistance to wear and tear – 5/5

Speed of establishment – 5/5

Fineness of appearance – 2/5

Tolerance to drought – 4/5

Suitability for shady areas – 2/5

Maintanance required – 4/5

With Green Lawn Technology

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Quick Fix

500g – 14sqm, 1.5kg – 42sqm, 5kg – 142sqm


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