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Johnsons Shady Place Lawn Seed

Shady place grass seed is suitable for areas in shade from trees, fences, hedges and walls and will tolerate dry and damp conditions. It is specially formulated to produce an excellent lawn under shady conditions. To do this we have used different types of fescue and browntop bent as these are more tolerant of shade than mixtures with perennial ryegrass. Shady placeis fine and dense and where it’s very shady will, like all grasses, benefit from a higher cut to help in low light.

With Seedbooster

Available in 250g/10sqm carton, 500g/20sqm carton, 1.5kg/60sqm carton and a 5kg/200sqm big box.

Also a super large bag is available 10kg/400sqm.

Seed Data:-

Restistance to wear and tear – 2/5

Speed of establishment – 2/5

Fineness of appearance – 4/5

Tolerance to drought – 4/5

Suitability for shady areas – 5/5

Maintanance required – 2/5

With Green Lawn Technology

Additional information

Shady Place

250g – 10sqm, 500g – 20sqm, 1.5kg – 60sqm, 5kg – 200sqm, 10kg – 400sqm


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