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Johnsons After Moss Lawn Seed 1kg/20sqm

For use on all lawns where the moss has been removed. After moss is a 100% fine leaved dwarf Perennial Ryegrass mix coated in a specially formulated, calcium carbonate based, Anti-Moss shell that gently raises the pH of the soil to help deter the return of moss. Moss is caused by shade, poor drainge, low nutrient soil and mowing too short so if these conditions persist moss will eventually return.

1kg carton which covers up to 20sqm

Seed Data:-

Restistance to wear and tear – 5/5

Speed of establishment – 5/5

Fineness of appearance – 4/5

Tolerance to drought – 3/5

Suitability for shady areas – 3/5

Maintanance required – 4/5

With Green Lawn Technology

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