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Johnsons Any Time Lawn Seed

Any time grass seed uses the latest Amenity Ryegrasses and Red Fescue employed by professionals to sow, renovate and repair grass areas under cooler conditions. It is wear tolerant, quick to establish and can be used for new lawns, overseeding and patching. It establishes faster than any other mixture of this type. Any time will germinate when the soil reaches +3c, which means you can use much earlier. Also it produces a deep green colour and is perfect for hardwearing lawns.

Available in 250g/10sqm carton, 500g/20sqm carton, 1.5kg/60sqm carton.

Also two super large bags are available 10kg/400sqm and 20kg/800sqm.

Seed Data:-

Restistance to wear and tear – 4/5

Speed of establishment – 5/5

Fineness of appearance – 3/5

Tolerance to drought – 4/5

Suitability for shady areas – 3/5

Maintanance required – 3/5

With Green Lawn Technology

Additional information

Any Time

250g – 10sqm, 500g – 20sqm, 1.5kg – 60sqm, 10kg – 400sqm, 20kg – 800sqm


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