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Johnsons Quick Lawn Grass Seed

Quick lawn is the best all round mixture, tolerent to wear, shade and drought with a superb appearance and needs a lot less mowing. Can be used for new lawns, overseeding and patching. This mixture using only top varieties of dwarf type Perennial Ryegrass and creeping red fescues and combines a superb fine leaved appearance with excellent wear tolerance and it benefits from the special seed dressing ‘Gromax’. Applied to grass seed, Gromx attracts beneficial bacteria in the soil to the grass roots to further enhence establishment. The treatment is child and pet friendly.

Available in 250g/10sqm carton, 500g/20sqm carton, 1.5kg/60sqm carton and a 5kg/200sqm big box.

Also two super large bags are available 10kg/400sqm and 20kg/800sqm.

Seed Data:-

Restistance to wear and tear – 4/5

Speed of establishment – 5/5

Fineness of appearance – 4/5

Tolerance to drought – 5/5

Suitability for shady areas – 4/5

Maintanance required – 2/5

With Green Lawn Technology

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Quick Lawn

250g – 10sqm, 500g – 20sqm, 1.5kg – 60sqm, 5kg – 200sqm, 10kg – 400sqm, 20kg – 800sqm


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